Job Summary

An English school board that is dedicated to developing lifelong learners who contribute to society and are prepared for their future is looking for teachers and staff who are committed to academic excellence and the provision of quality education, which encourages social, emotional and moral development.

General Responsibilities

Prepare and present courses and provide developmental and cognitive learning activities within the guidelines of the authorized programs
Work together with the other teachers and the personnel of the school in order to take the appropriate measures to meet the individual needs of students
Organize and supervise student activities;
Provide support and remediation;
Supervise students for whom he or she is responsible as well as other students in his or her presence;
Evaluate the performance and progress of students for whom he or she is responsible and to report on them to the school administration and to parents according to the system in effect;
Monitor the late arrivals and absences of his or her students and to report them to the school administration according to the system in effect;
Participate in meetings relating to his or her work;
Perform other duties usually assigned to teaching personnel;
Choose the appropriate method to prepare and present his or her courses within the guidelines of the authorized programs;
Take the necessary measures to enable him or her to attain and maintain a high level of professional competency in keeping with the Education Act;
Provide learning and developmental activities to students and shall participate in the development of student life in the school.


Master’s degree in one of the following disciplines:
Didactique des langues, Éducation (Didactique des langues secondes), Traduction, Études littéraires ou domaine connexe.
Experience teaching French as a second language at post-secondary level as an asset.
Excellent mastery of French language.
Note that all candidates will be subject to a French grammar test and will have to perform a course simulation

How to Apply


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