How we work

    •  Let us take care of your worries. 
    •   Let us know your needs by filling out the information request form without obligation.
    •  We will email you to schedule a meeting in person, telephone conversation or a video conference to analyze your needs.
    •  We will give you a summary of the services we offer and explain the process in great detail.
    •  Furthermore, we will give to double-check every detail with you before signing service delivery documents.
    •  Then we shall begin the recruitment process, schedule interviews with you and start the immigration process

We help with the administrative procedures

    •  There is a social security number, insurance, purchase of winter clothes, telephone, transport fare, and many other services to help their integration.
    •  We make sure the employees you will recruit are aware of the customs in force in the country and the jargon of their profession.
    • Bonus: We help workers do their first grocery shopping and show them directions to their workplace to reduce stress.

We help with the integration of foreign workers.

We understand the importance of getting candidates that are open-minded hard workers and meet your requirements. The employees you will recruit are qualified, highly motivated, and adaptable. We will make sure we match you with the candidates that share your values.

    •  With our partners, we help workers from the time they land in the country until their 3rd month to ensure that they settle well.


    •  If you have found accommodation, we will drive workers there directly from the airport.


  •  If you wish, you can entrust us with the task of finding accommodation as soon as the visa has been approved.

Transport logistics from the start of the journey to the end

Once the visa is confirmed, we will liaise with you regarding the flight ticket and bookings.

We provide transport logistics to collect passports and ensure the gathering of workers at the airport.  We always travel with them, and our job does not stop at arrival.

We provide administrative assistance for visa application (work Permit)

Our partner takes care of the visa application and prepares all the necessary documentation to study the Labour Market Impact Assessment if required. In this regard, our trusted partners verify that each employee you will recruit will meet the immigration requirement for a long stay.

We organize interviews

Some employers may wish to carry out online interviews with the candidates. In this case, we will liaise with the employer and candidate to schedule an online meeting.

We prepare the candidate upfront to facilitate communication and comprehension between you.

Other employers will leave us to handle the interview.  This is fun! We are professional and experienced in all aspects of human resources. We will match you with your ideal candidate.

we carry out various checks.

Once you have confirmed the choice of candidates, we will proceed with the security checks.

We check criminal records, identity documents, language assessments, medical status and references. We check diplomas, work documents, bank statement to handle them to the immigration with great confidence

Recruitment procedure

Where do we get workers from?

Europe, Africa, and Asia. We make sure those in our pool of candidates are bilingual in French and English.

How do we recruit workers?

We can start by writing your job description and selecting candidates from our database, or some employers may wish to conduct interviews online through recruitment missions abroad.

We save you time to allow you to handle other pressing matters.

Once we have analyzed your request, we take immediate action to fetch your worker.

We advertise at seminars, job fairs, trade fairs, near vocational training centres and recruitment missions. We preview candidates’ CVs, select those that better match your requirements, and send them to you to analyze and get back to us.

We confirm if you need a licence, a permit or a Labour Market Initial Assessment (LMIA)

Depending on your location, you may need a permit, license, or labour market impact to recruit overseas. We save you time and stress related to the request of an LMIA. Our professional partner will check whether you need an LMIA and take you through the whole process. They will handle all the related paperwork and inform you of the progress of the application.